Your recipe to startup success

PERFORM: The Unsexy Truth to (Startup) Success

“We’ve dealt with hundreds of startups, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned— it is that they are each unique but they often face similar challenges.”

In this book you will find the hands-on tools and strategies that founders like you used on their journey of building successful international companies. It will help you to put a structure behind your efforts, so you can max out your results on a consistent basis.

The book features examples, tools and case studies from 50+ successful startup founders and thought leaders from NewEurope.

Stoyan and Cristobal, proudly holding their baby.

So you think we’ve come up with a recipe for success? No, alas, there’s no one recipe that will surely bring you to the top of the game. But, all the wisdom and experience we have, we’ve put down in a book “Perform: The Unsexy Truth about (startup) success”.

From team building and personal qualities to stories of startup failure and success, you’ll be able to see it all for yourself and understand what it actually means to be a startupper and what kinds of challenges lie ahead your way towards a bright future.


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