for Startup success

Purpose & values

When a company has a strong Why (Purpose), a clear and compelling What (Vision) and it operates with a clear How (Values), it develops a powerful working culture.

Effective planning

Planning transforms your future vision into present actions, crucial for startups facing resource constraints. It provides perspective, guiding you to focus on the right priorities for optimal effectiveness and productivity.

Roles and responsibilities

After planning tasks, it’s crucial to define responsibilities based on team roles, an often overlooked aspect. Regularly revisiting and updating responsibilities ensures adaptability as your company grows, enhancing survival and success through clear accountabilities and meeting deadlines.

Focus & execution

Transform your work hours into impactful results by honing your focus with effective tools. Embrace relentless execution, understanding that swift decisions, even if some are wrong, drive progress, as waiting and overthinking hinder success.

Optimal energy

Building a successful startup is a marathon, not a sprint, spanning seven to ten years. Cultivate a team culture that prioritizes energy management through essential habits like sleep, nutrition, hydration, exercise, and mindfulness, making it non-negotiable for sustained success.

Robust communication

In the ten-year startup marathon, effective and consistent communication is fundamental for organizational success. Embrace a culture of feedback, investing time in both giving and receiving it, starting with leadership and extending it throughout the organization to unlock its powerful impact.

Mental toughness

Mastering communication and feedback is crucial, yet entrepreneurs must also embrace a winning mindset to navigate tough times effectively. This entails minimizing negative thinking, focusing on solutions, and persisting until goals are achieved.

The PERFORM Framework

is a proven methodology to help increase startup success. We’ve led hundreds of teams through the PERFORM framework through workshops and are now bringing the experience to you. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or levelling up your skills, learn how to strengthen your team’s culture, communication, productivity, and more using our seven step framework.

How PERFORM was born…

Hello there,
And welcome to the PERFORM community.
Cristobal and Stoyan here!

The journey of creating PERFORM started back in 2016.
We met for the first time at a startup event in Aarhus, Denmark. At that time, Stoyan was a video and movie producer, transitioning to a career of a professional speaker and productivity coach, and Cristobal was recently appointed as a CEO of Startup Wise Guys (SWG), Europe’s leading B2B Startup accelerator. Soon after, Stoyan visited the SWG batch in Riga, Latvia to coach the teams in person. Since that day he has remained the Startup Wise Guys’ lead coach in productivity & performance.

The PERFORM methodology was born out of necessity.
We found there was a lack of a holistic approach towards team culture and performance, a methodology that can provide relatable, useful tools and strategies for founders in Europe (and beyond) and help them grow as leaders and build strong and productive teams.

We interviewed and studied 250+ successful startups from the region. We tested the tools and ideas through hundreds of programs and workshops we led in-person in over 35 countries. We chose the best examples and ideas and developed methodology to help you succeed as a founder.

As our friend Luis Villa Del Campo likes to say: “It’s an operating system”. It provides a bird-eye view of your company from a perspective of culture and performance. It is practical, tested and based on hundreds of real-life examples from some of the most successful teams on the planet.

Welcome to the family and let’s #KeepPERFORMing
Cristobal and Stoyan