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PERFORM – The Unsexy Truth About (Startup) Success

“In this book, you will find the hands-on tools and strategies founders like you used to build successful international companies. It will help you to put a structure behind your efforts so that you can max out your results consistently. The book features examples, tools, and case studies from over 50 successful startup founders and thought leaders from NewEurope. Drawing from their experiences, you’ll gain practical insights and actionable advice to navigate the unique challenges of the startup landscape in this region and beyond. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale your venture, ‘PERFORM’ provides the roadmap to drive your startup towards sustainable growth and success.”


Global CEO & El Patron – Energy Master

Cristobal Alonso

Cristobal Alonso is the definition of a global CEO. He is an experienced serial entrepreneur, 3 time CEO, a serial early-stage investor with more than 400 investments, and a global executive who has led teams and projects up to 500 people. He has lived and worked in 5 continents, 20+ countries and 36 cities. Today he lives between Malaga and Copenhagen. Cristobal is CEO, “El Patron” and General Partner of Startup Wise Guys, the most active early stage investor in Europe and Africa, investing in early stage SaaS, cyber security, Sustainability, XR, fintech, proptech and web3 B2B startups. He is passionate about coaching startups on purpose & culture as well as funding and pitch training. Cristobal has extensive experience as the public face of media outreach campaigns and is a frequent keynote speaker at webinars, startup and Telco conferences, and panels around the world. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and has served as President of the INSEAD’s Global Entrepreneurship Club and the Spanish INSEAD Alumni Association. Cristobal is also a former professional basketball player, enjoys playing the piano, and shares his love for cooking and wine with as many guests as possible.

Professional Speaker & Author

Stoyan Yankov

Stoyan Yankov, a former movie producer, turned into a productivity & performance coach and professional speaker (presenting in 35+ countries). Stoyan lived in Denmark for 10 years, where he first completed his MSc Finance degree (Aarhus School of Business), and later worked in video production, premium event experiences, and creating international business networks. He was ranked one of the top20 coaches in Copenhagen. Today Stoyan coaches teams and entrepreneurs, and since 2015 has helped 550+ companies across the globe to strengthen their teams (From large international companies all the way to early stage startups). Stoyan is also the founder & host of the podcast Productivity Mastery, interviewing guests such as the founder of Reebok. the founding president of Starbucks International, unicorn founders, and top-tier executives. During his career – Stoyan has interviewed over 250 successful founders and business leaders from the CEE region and beyond, learning what helped them to be successful at what they do.