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PERFORM is a holistic methodology.

575+ companies from 35+ countries who successfully applied PERFORM. 

We have developed books and courses that help you and your team be as efficient as possible.

We are on a mission to make companies enhance the value they provide.

Learn how to apply PERFORM

In this book you will find the hands-on tools and strategies that founders like you used on their journey of building successful international companies. It will help you to put a structure behind your efforts, so you can max out your results on a consistent basis.

The book features examples, tools and case studies from 50+ successful startup founders and thought leaders from NewEurope.

Great book! It’s an operating system not only for startups but also for innovation and product teams inside corporates.


Luis Villa del Campo

Principal Director – Growth & Strategy Europe at Accenture

A must-read book for any entrepreneur to get an overview of the tools they can use to turn their idea into a successful sustainable business.

Justas Janauskas

CEO Qoorio, former Founder
& CEO at Vinted

For my company, I have ordered 10 more copies of this book and will distribute them among the team, because there are tons of learnings which can be applied!

Chris Robbins

CEO at Tele2 Estonia

About the authors

Cristóbal Alonso

Cristobal is an experienced serial entrepreneur (3x CEO), serial early-stage investor (420+ investments), and global executive (leading teams and projects up to 500 people). Cristobal leads as CEO , “el Patron” of Startup Wise Guys. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and is serving as Spain’s INSEAD Alumni Association President and President of INSEAD Global Entrepreneurship Club.

Stoyan Yankov

Stoyan is an entrepreneur, productivity & performance coach and a global keynote speaker, who personally coached over 450 teams in 35+ countries to create more productive and mindful team cultures by applying the PERFORM Methodology. Stoyan is also the host of the podcast Productivity Mastery.

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